In 2018, PJSC "MOESK" (part of the GC "Rosseti") is planning to carry out a set of measures aimed at implementing environmental policy and observing the requirements of environmental legislation. The program is implemented to introduce new environmental technologies in production, rational use of natural resources, reduce the negative impact of production activities on the environment.

In accordance with the plan at the substations of the company, 22 oil circuit breakers will be replaced by gas-insulated ones, more reliable in operation and environmentally friendly. 27 oil drain systems and transformators oil receivers will also be repaired.

Over 2400 bird protection devices (BPDs) will be installed on overhead power lines and open switchgear of substations this year. A similar number of BPDs of the power engineering of MOESK was established in 2017 as part of a long-term cooperation agreement with the All-Russian Public Organization "Bird Protection Union of Russia".

Employees of the company annually improve their qualifications in the programmes of ecological literacy. In 2018, it is planned to train 55 people admitted to collection, transportation, handling, recycling, neutralization, disposal of I-IV hazard wastes.

The efforts of power engineers aimed at protecting the environment in the Year of Ecology were highly appreciated by the professional community. Based on the results of the work at the XI All-Russian Conference "Ecology and Production. Prospects for the development of economic mechanisms for environmental protection" in the nomination "100 Best Organizations of Russia. Ecology and environmental management" MOESK was awarded with a diploma "For preservation and restoration of the natural environment".