PJSC MOESK leads its Innovative activity within Corporation Innovative Development Program in accordance with PJSC Rosseti Innovative Development, Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Promotion Policy approved by MOESK Corporation board of management dated June 21, 2014.

Key directions of PJSC “MOESK” innovative development:

  • innovative technologies and components of smart distribution grid;
  • innovative measuring systems and methods, link and communication in smartgrid;
  • creating and developing new attendance and customer service types;
  • innovations in business processes and company management.

In 2013-2015 in the course of innovative activity PJSC MOESK has completed the following R&D activities:

  • Creating infrastructure for electrical transport within PJSC MOESK service area as an element of implementation of integral strategy for introducing smart grids(MOESK EV);
  • verall investigation of applying DC inserts (DCI) in PJSC MOESK grid, defining algorithms for their control taking into account specific features of energy grid in Moscow;
  • Researching system approach for adjusting voltage in PJSC MOESK gridss using reactive power compensating facilities (existing and prospective);
  • Estimating electrodynamic and thermal effect of short-circuit (SC) currents on overhead power transmission lines (OL) when operating current and SC current levels grow;
  • Analysing algorithms for defining need and installation sites for voltage reduction limiting plants (VRLP), and setpoint calculation;
  • Researching switching overvoltage levels in gridss with reactors having increased reactive resistance with defining approaches to building grid with reactor taking into account specific features of power grid in Moscow;
  • Developing method-related provisions for PJSC MOESK participation in activities for reducing greenhouse gases at global hydrocarbon market;
  • Developing methodological guidelines and software for calculating setpoints applied in transformer voltage automatic adjustment devices (TVAA) in PJSC MOESK electrical grid;
  • Developing general technical requirements and typical technical solutions for PJSC MOESK substation equipment monitoring and diagnostics automated system;
  • Developing expansion layouts for 6-20 kV voltage grids at PJSC MOESK distribution station in Moscow region;
  • Researching quality of electric power in electrical distribution grids of 10/0.4 kV, supplied with guidelines, instructions and technical measures to be taken to improve PJSC MOESK electric power quality.

The following innovative projects are implementing at present:

  • Design and introduction of technologies for smart electrical distribution grid;
  • Damage monitoring and forecasting system for electrical grid with estimating necessary resources to be mobilised at active natural hazardous effects;
  • Design of a standard digital substation 10, 20, 35 kV;
  • Reactive power compensation in the distribution grid;
  • Automatic reclosing capable of controlling the state of electric power lines;
Software registration certificate ‘Software package for charging station process control’.
Utility patent ‘Electrical transport charging device’.
Utility patent ‘Device for limiting transient recoverable voltages in circuits with current-limiting reactors’.
Utility patent ‘Simulating device for defining reactive power compensating facility installation sites in general purposeelectrical grids’.
Software registration certificate ‘Setpoint calculation software for voltage automatic adjustment appliances of electrical grid transformers’.
Utility patent ’Public transport charging device’ (DC).
Utility patent ’Transformer voltage automatic adjustment appliance’.
Utility patent ’Public transport charging device’ (AC).
Patent of invention ‘Voltage reduction automatic limitation system’.

Effective version of the Program is approved by OJSC MOESK Corporation board of management December 12, 2014.

Purpose: promoting cost-efficiency and energy-related effectiveness of consumer energy supply by ensuring PJSC MOESK innovative development due to establishing advanced electrical grid infrastructure at global standard level.


  • ensuring high reliability of power supply in metropolitan region;
  • promoting energy efficiency due to reducing losses and introducing innovations;
  • enhancing access to electrical grid infrastructure;
  • promoting Company’s investment attractiveness and value.

Target activities:

  • Research and Development activities;
  • Measures in partnership with small and medium entrepreneurship innovative companies;
  • Measures in commercialising and bringing innovative products at the market;
  • Interacting with ‘Russian Smart Power System’ process platform;
  • Measures in arranging PJSC MOESK innovation activity management system.

Further innovative measures within the Program:

  • Adopting new processes at production;
  • Measures in enhancing energy efficiency and making production environment friendly;
  • Measures in interacting with higher education institutions;
  • Measures in management and business-process innovation scope;
  • Innovations in Company’s information technology.