On April 21, a powerful storm front with a heavy rain and gusts of wind with a speed with up to 25 m/s passed through Moscow. But even in the peak of the natural disaster of power, PJSC "Moscow United Electric Grid Company" (MOESK, part of the GC "Rosseti") ensured uninterrupted power supply for the capital. This was achieved thanks to the reliable functioning of the high voltage network 110-220 kV and high-voltage supply centers in Moscow.

New Moscow was no less affected by the bad weather conditions. A gusty wind with a rainfall caused the fall of trees and the interruption of power lines. In a prompt manner all socially significant objects were fed from mobile power stations. Only one night was required for the power engineers of PJSC "MOESK" to restore the electricity supply disturbed by the storm cyclone to consumers via 6-10 kV transmission lines.

In a round-the-clock mode, the emergency response teams battled with the consequences of the disaster. Sometimes, in the literal sense of the word: in some areas, gusts of wind reached such a level that they prevented the work at altitude.

At the moment, MOESK's power plants are working on individual applications of consumers in New Moscow on 0.4 kV lines and promptly eliminate the newly emerged outages, provoked by bad weather conditions. The work will continue until the complete elimination of the consequences of the cyclone.

In total, in reconstruction works in the territory of New Moscow and the Moscow Region, 218 brigades are involved, consisting of 662 people and more than 258 units of special equipment. Operative supply of electricity is provided through 102 mobile power stations with a total capacity of 39.2 MW.

Due to persistent unfavorable weather conditions (gusty wind with the speed up to 18 m/s), the company continues to operate a special mode of operation.

For all questions on connecting lines, you can call the "Light Line" phone at 8-800-700-40-70.