For the first time an educational cartoon from the series "Fixiki" is dedicated to еру "big power system". Thanks to the cooperation of the Moscow United Electric Grid Company (part of the GC "Rosseti") and the production company "Aeroplan", an animated clip was created on the subject of electrical safety, both in everyday life and at industrial power facilities.

Why is electricity fraught with danger? How to behave properly near substations and power lines? Why can a selfie on power line supports end in tragedy? How safe is it to use household appliances? Fixiki simply and clearly explain the rules to children, which can save you from trouble.

The cartoon was posted on the YouTube channel on March 23, 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bu-Mmdy6mIo and has already got over 1.4 million views. "If it saves at least one child's life, then we all worked for good reason!", Said Lyudmila Dusheina, Director for External Communications of PJSC "MOESK".

The organizers of the project hope that this cartoon will be watched by both children and parents. According to the Director General of the production company "Airplane" Yulia Sofronova, there was a noticeable tendency that "children not only learn the advice, if they sound on behalf of their favorite Fixiki-characters, but in their families they then give lessons of correct behavior to adults."

"MOESK" and "Airplane" are having a long-term fruitful cooperation. Since 2014 Fixiki are the face of the charitable action of MOESK "Good electricity for children", aimed at the prevention of child electrotrauma. They tell children about the rules of electrical safety from posters, colouring books, calendars and other printed products that children receive during the lessons of "good electricity".

Next year, the action "Good electricity for children" will celebrate its tenth anniversary. During this time, MOESK power engineers organized classes in more than 1500 children's educational institutions and summer health camps in the Moscow region, attended by more than 70,000 children. The experience of the action "Good electricity for children" shows that the knowledge gained by children in the course of electrical safety lessons reduces the risks of electrotrauma among schoolchildren of all age groups. Materials for self-conducting lessons on electrical safety teachers and parents can be found on the company's website http://www.moesk.ru in the section "Good electricity for children".

"Fixiki" is one of the most popular local animated series in the genre of edutainment ("learning through entertainment"). It has been airing since the end of 2010. The official YouTube-channel fixiki has 3.3 million subscribers and almost 4 billion views.

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