On site of Open government process and price audit results in a number of large-scale facilities within PJSC MOESK (member of Rosseti Group of Companies) investment program were discussed. Discussion was participated by members of Customer Council at Governmental Commission for Developing Energy Engineering Industry, working group for energy engineering of Expert Council at the Russian Government, MOESK and auditor company representatives.

Cause for discussion was completion of process and price audit in first stage of implementing such prospective investment projects in the capital region as renovation at “Yuzhnaya” 220/110/10 kV, “Grazhdanskaya” 220/110/10 kV, “Novo-Podyachevo” 220/110, “Vladykino” 220/10 kV, “Golyanovo” 220/10 kV substations (SS), construction of “Hovanskaya” SS 220/110/20/6, construction of complete distribution unit at “Butyrki” SS 220/110/10/6.

“Projects of interest are on the stage when design documents are still unavailable, process solutions are not adopted completely. Audit on this stage gives us a perfect chance to see wisely, whether all alternative solutions are considered,” noticed Vasily Kiselev, Chairman of Customer Council.

Specialists of LLC EF-Engineering expert Company reported inspection results in detail. All seven projects are acknowledged to be expedient. Technical solutions set in the cost, in accordance with audit results, are effective and comply with modern practice in designing power grid facilities. Moreover, a number of projects demonstrated underfunding risk during audit, since the cost specified in investment program was calculated basing on the prices of past years.

“We are ready for public audit also in other projects of the investment program, since we see a real benefit from such measures,” outlined Company’s position its General Director, Petr Sinyutin.

Let us remember, that effective legal and regulative documents of Federal level, including PJSC Rosseti in-house standards, stipulate for carrying out mandatory public process and price audit in large-scale investment projects. These include, in accordance with Russian Government Directive, investment projects having estimated value 1.5 billion rub. and over.