RAS net profit of PJSC MOESK in 2015 totalled 9.2 bln. rubles, EBITDA, 41.9 bln. rubles.

Therefore, compared to the same period in the previous year, against the background of restrictions on the tariff growth compared to the inflation growth and reduced power consumption, PJSC MOESK achieved an EBITDA operational profit growth of 13.2%, net profit growth, 12.7%.

The result was due to the successful implementation of the Program for Cost and Power Loss Reduction. In 2015, losses totalled 8.55%, in the same period of the previous year, 8.77%. Specific operational costs in 2015 totalled 15.13 thousand rub./TEU, a reduction by 3.2% compared to the same period in the previous year.
The company duly met all its bond and loan obligations; the credit portfolio as of 31.12.2015 did not exceed its figure as of the year beginning, totalling 73.4 bln. rub.

“In 2015, MOESK managed to keep up an important trend, the company’s income was growing despite the restrictions on the tariff growth and the inflationary pressure on costs,” says Aleksandr Inozemtsev, First Deputy General Director for Finance and Corporate Management of PJSC MOESK.

RAS Financial Results in 2015

1.Revenue, RUB mio, incl.129 288125 2603.22%
 - power transmission, RUB mio117 683112 5094.60%
 - technical connection, RUB mio10 30211 830-12.92%
2.Costs, RUB mio(113 648)(108 711)4.54%
 - power transmission, RUB mio(111 834)(107 374)4.15%
 - technical connection, RUB mio(1 199)(948)26.48%
3.Gross profit, RUB mio15 64016 549-5.49%
4.Gross profit efficiency, %12,1013.21-8.40%
5.Other income, RUB mio7 2589 403-22.81%
6.Other expenses, RUB mio(5 686)(11 148)-49.00%
7.EBITDA, RUB mio41 95437 05913.21%
8.EBITDA profitability, %32.529,69.80%
9.Net profit, RUB mio9 2478 20812.66%
10.Net profit efficiency, %7.156.559.16%
A telephone conference will take place at 14:00 Moscow time on 29 February (Monday), to discuss the publication of the RAS statements for year 2015.

The following representatives will take part in the event on behalf of PJSC MOESK:
  • Valentina Bragova: Director for Economy and Finance;
  • Aleksey Starostin: Deputy General Director for Corporate Management and Property;
  • Yelena Ivanova: Director, Tariff Department;
  • Leonid Yushin: Director for Price Control and Investment.
The telephone conference will be conducted in Russian; expected duration is 1 hour.

To take part in the telephone conference, dial (on mobile or stationary telephone) 8 (499) 951 06 60 and then 1019# (PIN for conference call).

PJSC MOESK invites all participants to connect to the conference a few minutes before the beginning so that condition of the connection could be checked and the event could start on time.

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