1. General information
1.1. Issuer’s full business name
Public Joint Stock Company “Moscow United Electric Grid Company”
1.2. Issuer’s shortened business name
Moscow United Electric Grid Company PJSC;
1.3. Issuer’s location
Moscow, Russian Federation
1.4. Issuer’s General State Registration Number
1.5. Issuer’s Tax ID
1.6. Issuer’s unique code assigned by the registration authority
1.7. URL of the webpage provided by one of the stock market information distributors in the information and telecommunication network Internet and URL in the Internet whose electronic address includes a domain name title whereto belongs to the issuer.
1.8. Date of an event occurrence (material fact), about which the message was compiled (if applicable)
April 17, 2019
2. Notice content
2. Message Content
April 17, 2019
2.1. Type, category, series and other identification characteristics of securities:
exchange-traded bonds with documentary interest non-convertible bearer with obligatory centralized storage of the 001P-01 series of PJSC "MOESK" (hereinafter referred to as Exchange Traded Bonds) placed under the Exchange-Traded Bonds Program with identification number 4-65116-D -001P-02E of February 8, 2017 (hereinafter referred to as the program of exchange bonds), the identification number of the issue and the international securities identification number (ISIN):
not assigned at the date of disclosure
2.2. Maturity (for bonds and issuer options):
1,274 (One thousand two hundred seventy-fourth) day from the date of commencement of the placement of the Exchange-traded bond.
2.3. The identification number of the issue (additional issue) of securities and the date of its assignment:
not assigned at the date of disclosure.
2.4. Name of the registering authority that carried out the state registration of the issue (additional issue) of securities (name of the body (organization) that assigned (assigned) the issue (additional issue) of securities an identification number):
Exchange-traded bonds are placed within the framework of the Exchange-traded Bonds Program, having identification number 4-65116-D-001P-02E dated February 08, 2017, the Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS Public Stock Company assigned the number to the Exchange-Traded Bonds Program.
2.5. The number of securities being placed and the nominal value (if the nominal value is provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation) of each security being placed:
8,000,000 (Eight million) units with a nominal value of 1,000 (One thousand) rubles each.
2.6. The method of securities placement (open or closed), and in the case of placement of securities through a closed subscription - also the circle of potential purchasers of securities:
Open subscription.
2.7. The placement price of securities or the procedure for determining it or information that the specified price or procedure for determining it will be established by the issuer's authorized management body after state registration of an issue (additional issue) of securities (assignment of an identification number to an issue (additional issue) of securities) and not later than the starting date of the placement of securities:
The placement price of the Exchange bonds is set equal to 1 000 (One thousand) rubles for the Exchange bond, which corresponds to 100% of the nominal value of the Exchange bond). Starting from the second day of the Commercial Bonds placement, the purchaser also pays the accrued coupon income on the Commercial Bonds (hereinafter referred to ACI), when making a purchase and sale transaction of Commercial Bonds, determined by the formula:
ACI = Cj * Nom * (T - T(j -1))/ 365/ 100%,
j - is the ordinal number of the coupon period, j = 1, 2, 3 . N, where N - is the number of coupon periods established by the Terms of issue;
ACI - accrued coupon income in Russian rubles;
Nom - the outstanding portion of the nominal value of one Exchange-traded bond, in Russian rubles;
C j - the interest rate of the j-th coupon, in percent per annum;
T (j -1) - the start date of the j-th coupon period (for the case of the first coupon period T (j-1) is the start date of the placement of the Exchange bonds);
T - is the date of calculation of accrued coupon income within j-th coupon period.
ACI is calculated to the second decimal place (the second decimal point is rounded according to the rules of mathematical rounding:
if the third decimal is greater than or equal to 5, the second decimal is increased by one, if the third decimal is less than 5, the second decimal does not change)
2.8. Providing the participants (shareholders) of the issuer and (or) other persons with the preemptive right to purchase securities:
Pre-emptive right to purchase the securities not provided.
2.9. Date of commencement of placement of securities:
April 23, 2019.
2.10. If the issuer decides to change (transfer) the start date of the placement of securities, disclosed in the manner provided above, the issuer is obliged to publish in accordance with the regulations in the field of financial markets a message on the change of the start date of placement of securities in the News Feed and on the Internet no later than 1 (one) day before the date of the start of the placement of securities published in the aforementioned message.
The address of the page provided by one of the distributors of information on the securities market on the information and telecommunication Internet:
End date of placement of securities or the procedure for determining it.
The end date of the Exchange bonds placement is the earliest of the following dates:
a) the 3rd (Third) business day from the date of commencement of the placement of Exchange Traded Bonds;
b) the date of placement of the last Exchange bond issue.
Issue of Exchange bonds is not supposed to be placed in tranches
3. Signature
3.1. Corporate Secretary, acting in accordance with Power of Attorney No. 77/555-n/77-2018-5-238 dd 15.05.2018
______________ A.N. Svirin
3.2. Date «17» April 2019 year

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