According to data released today, the Russian Federation for the first time in history took 7th place in the ranking of the World Bank Group Doing Business in terms of “Connecting to the power supply system”.

Such high results were achieved thanks to the large-scale reforms carried out by the "Rosseti" group of companies in the field of technological connection of consumers. World Bank experts evaluated the activities of the "Rosseti Moscow Region" and "Rosseti Lenenergo" companies in the two largest regions of the country.

According to the indicator “connection to electric networks” in the rating “Doing Business - 2020”, Russia received 97.5 points out of 100 possible.

In an annual report, World Bank experts confirmed the success and effectiveness of all reforms announced by the Russian energy sector aimed at simplifying the process of connecting to the electric network, noted a reduction in the time for construction and design, the issuance of technological connection agreements, as well as a deep stage of digitalization of the network connection process.

For 5 years, the number of procedures required to connect to the "Rosseti" Group's power grids in the metropolitan regions has decreased from 3 to 2, and the connection term has been reduced from 162 to 41 days. The cost of technological connection decreased from 93% of per capita income to 5%.

As part of the implementation of the "Digital Transformation 2030" concept, the "Rosseti" Group is systematically improving its production performance, increasing the quality of services provided and creating comfortable conditions for interaction for both existing and prospective consumers. The record high score of authoritative experts of the World Bank is the best evidence of the correctness of the chosen strategy, ”commented Pavel Livinsky, head of the "Rosseti" group, on the study.

In addition to assessing the effectiveness of the connection process, the rating takes into account indicators of reliability of power supply (PSAIDI, PSAIFI), transparency of tariffs and prices for electricity. In the "Doing Business 2020" ranking for the indicators of “Reliability of Electricity Supply” and “Transparency of Tariffs”, the Russian Federation once again confirmed the maximum rating - 8 out of 8 points.