Since 2012, PJSC Moscow United Electric Grid Company (part of the Rosseti group of companies) in the western suburbs of Moscow has been implementing a comprehensive automation program for a 6-10 kV distribution grid.

In order to increase the level of automation and observability of the distribution grid, 230 new high – tech reclosers have been installed on 10 kV air lines over the seven years of the Zapadny Power Grids division. This year, specialists of the Zapadny division of MOESK plan to install another 62 reclosers.

As Dmitry Bitney, Director of the Zapadny Power Grids division, noted: “These devices belong to the new generation of switching equipment, combining advanced technologies of microprocessor relay protection, automation and switching technology. Thus, the use of reclosers in the distribution grid can significantly improve the reliability of power supply to consumers, automate the process of searching and locating faults on the line, reduce the cost of maintaining the electrical grid, optimize the work of dispatching and operating personnel, improve the technical level of operation of electric grids and, ultimately, create controlled and automated power distribution systems of the new generation”.

For reference:
Recloser - (from the English word “recloser”, - literally – “switch”). If necessary, the “smart” device allows determining the line gap with an accuracy of one meter and automatically localizing it in a small area without de-energizing other consumers.