The Rosseti group presented a new brand architecture of the power holding at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum - 2019 (SPIEF).

From June 2019, all companies of the backbone and distribution grid complex in corporate and marketing communications, as well as all corporate identity carriers will use the new name containing the Rosseti trademark and regional or functional binding.

PJSC Moscow United Electric Grid Company (MOESK, a member of the Rosseti group of companies) will use the brand Rosseti-Moscow Region. Reference to the Moscow region is justified by the territory served by the company. Moscow and the Moscow region today are a single economic space, with a single energy system that requires unified coordination.

In 2018, the leadership of Moscow and the Moscow Region signed an agreement on the development of the Moscow region, including the development of infrastructure. Therefore, the renaming of the Moscow United Electric Grid Company into the Russian Grid-Moscow Region is a logical step towards the interaction and coordination of all stakeholders in the electric grid sector.

The introduction of a new brand architecture, approved by the Board of Directors of Rosseti on April 29, 2019, provides for the phased replacement of company elements as its expire without increasing the existing budgets and business plans of the company. Purchases of new attributes will be made taking into account the provisions of the new corporate identity standard.

The Rosseti Group works in 80 constituent entities of the Federation, implements unified approaches to the management and development of the country's electric grid infrastructure, constantly improves the quality of the services provided, expanding its list. Nowadays, in every region of the country, both consumers and employees will feel the guarantees of reliability of one of the largest electric grid companies in the world and involvement in the implementation of the most ambitious projects. - In addition, this step will increase brand awareness in global markets, - said Pavel Livinsky, head of Rosseti group, commenting on the transition to a new brand architecture.