1. General information
1.1. Issuer’s full business name
Public Joint Stock Company “Moscow United Electric Grid Company”
1.2. Issuer’s shortened business name
Moscow United Electric Grid Company PJSC;
1.3. Issuer’s location
Moscow, Russian Federation
1.4. Issuer’s General State Registration Number
1.5. Issuer’s Tax ID
1.6. Issuer’s unique code assigned by the registration authority
1.7. URL of the webpage provided by one of the stock market information distributors in the information and telecommunication network Internet and URL in the Internet whose electronic address includes a domain name title whereto belongs to the issuer.
1.8. Date of an event occurrence (material fact), about which the message was compiled (if applicable)
April 23, 2019
2. Notice content
2. Message Content
April 23, 2019
2.1. Type, category (type), series and other identification characteristics of securities:
documentary interest non-convertible bearer to bearer bonds with mandatory centralized storage of the 001P-01 series of PJSC "MOESK", placed by public subscription within the framework of the program of exchange-traded bonds, identification number 4-65116-D-001P-02E of February 08, 2017, international code security identification number (ISIN):
2.2. Maturity (for bonds and issuer options):
1,274 (One thousand two hundred seventy-fourth) day from the date of commencement of the placement of the Exchange-Traded Bond.
2.3. The identification number of the issue (additional issue) of securities and the date of its assignment:
4B02-01-65116-D-001P of 04.19.2019.
2.4. Name of the organization that assigned the identification number to the issue (additional issue) of securities:
Public Joint Stock Company Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS.
2.5. The nominal value (if the nominal value is provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation) of each security:
1,000 (One thousand) Russian rubles.
2.6. Method of the securities placement :
Open subscription.
2.7. Date of actual commencement of the placement of securities (date of the first transaction aimed at the alienation of securities to the first owner):
April 23, 2019.
2.8. Date of the actual end of the placement of securities (the date of the last entry entry in the personal account (custody account) of the first owner in the system of registration of rights to securities of an issue (additional issue) or the date of issuance of the last certificate of documentary security of an issue (additional issue) without mandatory centralized storage , and in the case of placing not all the securities of an issue (additional issue) - the expiration date of the fixed term for the placement of securities):
April 23, 2019.
2.9. Number of securities actually placed:
8,000,000 (Eight million) pieces.
2.10. The share of actually placed securities of the total number of securities of the issue (additional issue) to be placed:
2.11. The actual price (actual prices) of the placement of securities and the number of securities placed at each of the placement prices:
The offering price is 1,000 (One thousand) Russian rubles for the Exchange bond, the number of Exchange bonds placed is 8,000,000 (Eight million) pieces.
2.12. The form of payment for the placed securities, and if the placed securities were paid in cash and other property (non-monetary funds), also the number of placed securities paid in cash and the number of placed securities paid by other property (non-monetary funds):
In cash, cashless transfer in rubles of the Russian Federation.
3. Signature
3.1. Corporate Secretary, acting in accordance with Power of Attorney No. 77/555-n/77-2018-5-238 dd 15.05.2018
______________ A.N. Svirin
3.2. Date «23» April 2019 year

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