1. General information
1.1. Issuer’s full business name
Public Joint Stock Company “Moscow United Electric Grid Company”
1.2. Issuer’s shortened business name
Moscow United Electric Grid Company PJSC;
1.3. Issuer’s location
Moscow, Russian Federation
1.4. Issuer’s General State Registration Number
1.5. Issuer’s Tax ID
1.6. Issuer’s unique code assigned by the registration authority
1.7. URL of the webpage provided by one of the stock market information distributors in the information and telecommunication network Internet and URL in the Internet whose electronic address includes a domain name title whereto belongs to the issuer.
1.8. Date of an event occurrence (material fact), about which the message was compiled (if applicable)
April 16, 2019
2. Notice content
2. Message Content
April 16, 2019

2.1. Brief description of the event (action), the occurrence (commission) of which, in the issuer's opinion, affects the value of its securities:
adoption by the Issuer of a decision on determining the person who will act as an underwriter for the placement of Exchange Traded Bonds, to which buyers must submit bids for the purchase of Exchange Traded Bonds during the placement period of the Exchange Traded Bonds.
2.2. If the relevant event (action) relates to a third party or is associated with it - the full company name (for non-profit organizations - name), location, TIN (if applicable), PSRN (if applicable) or last name, first name, patronymic name ( if available) of such person:
Full company name of the underwriter:
"Gazprombank" (JSC).
Abbreviated company name of the underwriter:
Bank "GPB" (JSC).
Underwriter location:
Address for sending postal correspondence:
119049, Moscow, 7 Koroviy Val St.
Underwriter TIN:
PSRN underwriter:
2.3. If the relevant event (action) is related to a decision made by the authorized management body of the issuer or a third party, or associated with such a decision - the name of the authorized management body, the date of adoption and the content of the decision, the date of compilation and the minutes of the meeting (meeting) of the authorized If the decision is taken by the collegial management body of the person:
The decision was taken by the Issuer's Sole Executive Body - General Director of PJSC "MOESK" on April 16, 2019 (Order No. 409 of April 16, 2019).
Content of the decision:
Appoint "Gazprombank" (JSC) as a person who will perform the functions of the Underwriter when placing Commercial Bonds, to which bidders of the PJSC "Moscow Exchange" will have to send bids for the purchase of Commercial Bonds on the date of the placement of Commercial Bonds.
Information about the underwriter:
Full company name:"Gazprombank" (JSC).
Abbreviated company name:
Bank "GPB" (JSC).
Mailing address:
117420, Moscow, 16 Nametkina St., building 1.
Brokerage license:
№ 177-04229-100000.
Date of issue:
no expiration date.
Issuing authority:
FSFM of Russia.
Details of the account to which the funds received as payment for the Commercial Bonds should be transferred:
Full company name:
Non-Bank Credit Organization Joint-Stock Company "National Settlement Depository".
Abbreviated company name:
Moscow, 12 Spartakovskaya St.
Address for sending correspondence (mailing address):
105066, Moscow, 12 Spartakovskaya St.
30105810345250000505 in the State Bank of Russia in the Central Federal District.
Account owner:
"Gazprombank" (JSC).
Abbreviated company name:
Bank "GPB" (JSC).
Account number:
2.4. If the relevant event (action) is relevant or may have a significant impact on the value of certain issuable securities - type, category (type) and other identification signs of such issuable securities:
exchange-traded bonds with documentary interest non-convertible bearer with obligatory centralized storage of the 001P-01 series of PJSC "MOESK" (hereinafter referred to as Exchange Traded Bonds) placed under the Exchange-Traded Bonds Program with identification number 4-65116-D -001P-02E of February 8, 2017 (hereinafter referred to as the program of exchange bonds), the identification number of the issue and the international securities identification number (ISIN):
not assigned at the date of disclosure.
2.5. The date of the occurrence of the corresponding event (performance of the action), and if the corresponding event occurs in relation to a third party (the corresponding action is performed by a third party), also the date on which the issuer learned of the occurrence of the event (the action was taken) April 16, 2019.
3. Signature
3.1. Corporate Secretary, acting in accordance with Power of Attorney No. 77/555-n/77-2018-5-238 dd 15.05.2018
______________ A.N. Svirin
3.2. Date «16» April 2019 year

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