1. General information
1.1. Issuer’s full business name
Public Joint Stock Company “Moscow United Electric Grid Company”
1.2. Issuer’s shortened business name
Moscow United Electric Grid Company PJSC;
1.3. Issuer’s location
Moscow, Russian Federation
1.4. Issuer’s General State Registration Number
1.5. Issuer’s Tax ID
1.6. Issuer’s unique code assigned by the registration authority
1.7. URL of the webpage provided by one of the stock market information distributors in the information and telecommunication network Internet and URL in the Internet whose electronic address includes a domain name title whereto belongs to the issuer.
1.8. Date of an event occurrence (material fact), about which the message was compiled (if applicable)
2. Notice content
2. Statement content

2.1. The object of rating assignment (issuing securities and (or) their issuer):
the issuer.
2.2. Rating type assigned to the rating object (credit rating, long-term credit rating (solvency), corporate governance rating, other):
long-term credit rating.
2.3. In the event that the issuer's securities are the object of rating assignment, the type, category (type), series and other identification features of such equity securities:
not applicable.
2.4. The value of the assigned rating, and in case of a rating change- the values of the rating before and after the change:
Value of rating before the change:
А++.gq .Value of rating after the change:
management quality rating of PJSC “MOESK” at the level of A++.gq.
2.5. Date of assignment or change in rating:
October 29, 2018.
2.6. A short description of the rating value or the address of the page on the Internet, where information on the rating assignment method is freely available (published):$http://raexpert.ru/ratings/corporate/method/.
2.7. Full and abbreviated company names (for a non-commercial organization - name), location, INN (if applicable), OGRN (if applicable) of the organization that assigned the rating (rating agency):
Rating agency "Expert RA", JSC; JSC Expert RA.
HYPERLINK "https://raexpert.ru/about/map/" .
7710248947. OGRN:
2.8. Other information on the rating, indicated by the issuer at its discretion:
Not available.
3. Signature
3.1. Corporate Secretary, acting in accordance with Power of Attorney No. 77/555-n/77-2018-5-238 dd 15.05.2018
______________ A.N. Svirin
3.2. Date «29» October 2018 year 

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