Auditor is approved by resolution of annual General Shareholders’ Meeting on 24.06.2015

Full corporate nameLimited liability company RSM RUS
Abbreviated corporate nameRSM RUS LLC
Actual address4, Pudovkin Str., Moscow, Russia 119285
INN (Tax Reference Number)7722020834
OGRN (Principle State Registration Number)1027700257540
Contact telephone number+7 (495)363-28-48
Fax+7 (495)981-41-21

RSM RUSSIA LLC – a company incorporated under the laws of the Russian Federation. RSM RUS is a full member of the international audit and consulting association RSM International since 1997 and its exclusive representative in Russia and CIS countries. «RSM» - brand name network of independent accounting and consulting firms, each of which operates on its own behalf. «RSM International» does not provide accounting and consulting services on its behalf. Member firms share a common vision, which aims - to provide high quality professional services to its customers both in the domestic and international market.