General Shareholders Meeting is the supreme management body of PJSC “MOESK”.

In accordance with paragraph 10.2 of article 10 of PJSC “MOESK” Articles, the scope of functions of the General shareholders meeting is as follows:

  1. amendments introduction to the Articles or the approval of the Articles in new edition;
  2. company’s reorganization;
  3. company’s liquidation, liquidation committee appointment, approval of intermediate and final liquidation balances;
  4. determination of quality, nominal value, category (type) of the declared shares and rights presented by the shares;
  5. company’s authorize capital increase by means of the nominal value increase or by means of the additional shares placement;
  6. company’s’ authorized capital decrease by means of shares nominal value decrease, by means of Company’s acquisition of the part of shares to decrease their general amount and also by means of cancellation of acquired and bought out shares;
  7. dilution and consolidation of the Company’s shares;
  8. decision taking on Company’s bonds placement converted into shares and other equity securities converted into shares;
  9. election of the members of the Company’s Board of Directors and early termination of their powers;
  10. auditing committee members’ election and early termination of their powers;
  11. approval of the Company’s Auditor;
  12. decision taking on transition of authority of the sole executive body of the Company to the managing organization (manager) and early termination of the organization (manager) powers;
  13. the approval of the annual report and annual financial statement including profit an loss report (profit and loss accounts) of the Company and also profit distribution (including payment (declaration) of dividends, except for profit distributed as dividends according to the results of the first quarter, half year, nine months of the financial year) and losses of the Company concerning the financial year results;
  14. payment (declaration) of dividends concerning the results of the first quarter, half year, nine months of the financial year;
  15. determination of the order of the general shareholders meeting carrying out;
  16. decision taking on approval of the company’s transactions determined by article 83 of the Federal law on “Joint-Stock Companies”;
  17. decision taking on major transaction approval determined by article 79 of the Federal law on “Joint-Stock Companies”;
  18. decision taking on participation in financial and industrial groups, associations and other associations of the commercial organizations;
  19. internal documents approval, regulating the Company’s bodies activity;
  20. decisions taking on remunerations and/or compensations payments to the members of the Auditing committee of the Company;
  21. decisions taking on remunerations and/or compensations payment to the members of the Company’s Board of directors;
  22. other issues solution, determined by the Federal law on “Joint-Stock Companies”.

Issues covering the scope of functions of the General Shareholders Meeting cannot be transferred to the Board of Directors, Management Board or General Director of the Company.

General meeting of shareholders is not entitled to examine and take decisions concerning the questions not covering the scope of their functions determined by the Federal law “On Joint-Stock Companies” (paragraph 10.3 of article 10 of the Issuer’s charter).

Type of General Shareholders’ MeetingDate of conductMinutes date Document (file size)
  Annual06.06.201510.06.2015    AGMS_18.pdf (386 Kб)pdf  
  Annual24.06.201530.06.2015    AGMS_17.pdf (280 Kб)pdf  
Type of General Shareholders’ MeetingDate of conduct Minutes date Minutes No. Document (file size)
  AnnualNovember 26th 2019December 31th 2019404 AGMS 19.pdf (382 Kb)pdf
  AnnualJune 06th 2016June 09th 201618 AGMS 18.pdf (384 Kb)pdf
  AnnualJune 24th 2015June 29th 201517 AGMS_17.pdf (250 Kb)pdf
  AnnualJune 24th 2014June 27th 201416 AGMS_16.pdf (350 Kb)pdf
  ExtraordinaryMarch 13th 2014March 18th 201415EGMS_15.pdf  ( 234 Kb)pdf
  AnnualJune 26th 2013July 1st 201314 AGMS_14.pdf (279 Kb)pdf
  ExtraordinaryAugust 27th 2012August 30th 201213 EGMS_13.pdf  (539 Kb)pdf
  AnnualJune 25th 2012June 28th 201212 AGMS12.pdf  (604 Kb)pdf
  Repeated extraordinaryNovember 25th 2011November 29th 2011 11 R EGMS_11.pdf  (235 Kb)pdf
  AnnualJune 20th 2011June 23nd 201110 AGMS_10.pdf  (339 Kb)pdf
  AnnualJune 30th 2010July 2th 20109 AGMS_09.pdf  (213 Kb)pdf
  AnnualJune 11th 2009June 25th 20098 AGMS_08.pdf  (142 Kb)pdf
  AnnualMay 28th 2008June 5th 20087 AGMS_07.pdf  (217 Kb)pdf
  ExtraordinaryApril 18th 2008April 28th 20086 EGMS_06.pdf  (116 Kb)pdf
  Repeated extraordinaryOctober 30th 2007November 2nd20075 R EGMS_05.pdf  (146 Kb)pdf
  AnnualJune 15th 2007June 21st 20074 AGMS_04.pdf  (235 Kb)pdf
  AnnualJune 26th 2006July 6th 20063 AGMS_03.pdf  (401 Kb)pdf
  ExtraordinaryMarch 28th 2006April 12th 20062 EGMS_02.pdf  (136 Kb)pdf
General Shareholders’ Meeting,
set up by reorganization of JSC "Mosenergo”
February 28th 2005March 2nd 20051 Minutes_01.pdf  (146 Kb)pdf