Pavel Livinsky, Director General and Chairman of the Board of PJSC ROSSETI, told about two key digital projects of PJSC Moscow United Electric Grid Company (MOESK, part of the Rosseti group of companies) at a working meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 1, 2019.

The meeting discussed the results of work in the autumn-winter period, current activities and individual development programs of the corporation.

Pavel Livinsky made a particular emphasis on the need for digital transformation of the country's electric grid complex, in particular, the Digital Electricity project implemented at MOESK and digital solutions applied at the Medvedevskaya substation. The first digital feeding center of the capital region was built by MOESK and opened with the direct participation of P. Livinsky in the middle of last year. The use of the latest digital technologies, the possibility of online monitoring of electrical equipment made it possible to sharply reduce the cost of operating costs for servicing the substation.

Such close attention of Pavel Anatolyevich to the projects of PJSC MOESK is not accidental. As chairman of the Board of Directors of the Moscow United Electric Grid Company, Pavel Livinsky keeps under special control the implementation of all the company's projects aimed at the digital transformation of the electric grid complex in Moscow and the Moscow Region.

MOESK, the first of all subsidiaries and affiliates of PJSC ROSSETI, approved a five-year large-scale program of digital transformation of the electric grid complex of the capital region. The projects envisaged by the program will significantly improve the reliability of power supply to consumers, modernize electric grids, improve the availability of electric grid infrastructure and the quality of service delivery.

At the moment, the experience of the pilot version of the “Digital Electrician”, introduced in the Istrinsky district of electrical grids and 8 and 19 districts of cabling in Moscow, is actively extended to all branches of MOESK. Mobile teams of the company are equipped with mobile devices with special software installed. This will allow the staff to remotely receive assignments for the performance of work, electronically draw up the necessary permitting documents, record the fact of commencement and completion of work. With the help of a mobile device, it will be possible to photograph equipment defects and quickly place information about it in the database in order to accelerate the organization of works on elimination of defects. Dispatchers and team managers will be able to see the location of teams on the electronic map, which will allow assigning applications to the teams nearest to the place of technological violation. The set of the technologies implemented in the framework of this project will reduce the loss of working time, increase the efficiency of power supply restoration, and switch to a completely paperless document flow during execution of works.

- We are working on the technologies of the “Digital Electrician”, and, if possible, are ready to demonstrate firsthand at the end of the year in the Moscow electric power system, - promised Pavel Livinsky to the President of the Russian Federation.