PJSC Moscow United Electric Grid Company (part of the Rosseti group of companies) and Enel X Rus LLC (a subsidiary of the global division of Enel X, which is part of the Enel Group) reached an agreement in the near future to install a charging station for electric vehicles Enel X Pole 3G in the MOESK-EV grid in the Mitino microdistrict of Moscow. This was announced by Deputy Chief Engineer for Innovations and Project Activities of PJSC MOESK Genady Sidenko at the opening of the first Russian electric transport festival “ELECTRODAY”.

The Enel X Pole 3G charging station has two connection ports, each 22 kW with AC power and charging mode 3 (Type 2 connector, 3 phases, 32 A). The Enel X Pole 3G charging station has a high-tech performance with a connection channel to the software platform and the mobile application of its own production Enel X. Electric vehicle charging time up to 80% on average is 1 hour. The operation and control of this charging station can be controlled remotely. The basic characteristics of Enel X Pole 3G chargers include the ability to identify a user with the help of an RFID card (customer card) or a mobile phone.

- The software capabilities of the Enel X Pole 3G station allows to attach the required number of such stations to one grid and manage it even by redistributing the grid load, reducing power consumption to the peaks and receiving the necessary reports on the configured parameters of charging sessions, - said Yana Kipriyanova, head of e-Mobility, Enel X Rus LLC.

- The development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in residential areas should be a priority for all market participants. For several years now we have been attracting various partners to the program of expanding the MOESK-EV grid, taking their charging stations into pilot operation, testing it in real conditions, collecting the opinions of electric motorists, giving feedback to manufacturers. Thus, we form a competitive environment among manufacturers of EZS. I am glad that interest in the project was shown by Enel X, the leader in the production and installation of charging stations in Europe. In the coming months, electric vehicle drivers in the north-west of Moscow will be able to start using the charging infrastructure in free access in their area - Genadiy Sidenko commented.

For reference:

Since 2011, PJSC MOESK has been implementing the MOESK-EV project on the development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicle transport on the territory of Moscow and the Moscow region. Access to the charging stations of the company is carried out using a special customer card, which owners of electric vehicles can receive for free at the company's central client office at the address: Vavilova, bld.7b. The current map of station placement is posted on the company's website www.moesk.ru in section MOESK-EV.

Since May, 2018, Enel X Rus LLC has been pursuing a policy of popularizing electric transport in Russia and developing its charging infrastructure. In February 2019, Enel X Rus LLC signed an agreement with the government of Tatarstan on the development of the charging infrastructure of the region, and in April 2019 with the government of the Chelyabinsk region in the same direction. Enel Group has experience in implementing integrated projects for the development of electric transport around the world since 2010.