Power engineers of PJSC "MOESK" (part of the group of companies "Rosseti") connected the largest technopark in the north of the Moscow region "Esipovo" to the electricity grid under construction in the Solnechnogorsk municipal district of the Moscow region.

The governor of the Moscow region, Andrei Vorobyev, gave a command to feed industrial park in a live broadcast from the studio of the "360°" channel. During the broadcast, the turning on of the PJSC "MOESK" from the Power Grid Management Center was organized, from where the Minister of Energy of the Moscow Region Leonid Neganov and the General Director of PJSC "MOESK" reported on the completion of the modernization of the "Povarovo" substation intended to provide electricity to the residents of the "Esipovo" industrial park and other consumers of Solnechnogorsk district.

The construction of "Esipovo" is planned to be completed by 2020. It will include large industrial enterprises, production and storage facilities, public and business and recreational buildings, shopping centers, and engineering infrastructure.

There will be created 8 thousand jobs for residents of the Moscow region in the industrial park "Esipovo".

Under a contract signed in February 2017 by the authorities of the Moscow region, "Daimler" will build a full-cycle Mercedes plant (welding, painting, assembly) on the territory of "Esipovo" industrial park with a design capacity of more than 20,000 cars a year. The contract is designed for 9 years. The work at the new plant will provide 1,500 residents of the north of the Moscow region with job.

The industrial park "Esipovo" is provided by the power center 110/35/10 kV "Povarovo".

During the next stage of large-scale reconstruction, the feeding center is equipped with new equipment. Two power transformers of 20 MVA are replaced by two 40 MVA each, an additional 25 MVA power transformer is installed. As a result, the power of the feeding center doubled and amounted to 130 MVA.

In order to provide the Mercedes plant with capacities at the "Povarovo" substation during the next stage of reconstruction, two 25 MVA transformers will be replaced by 2 MVA 40 MVAs, as a result of which the capacity of "Povarovo" will increase to 160 MVA.

The complex reconstruction of "Povarovo" contributes to the growth of the investment attractiveness of the Moscow region.