In PJSC "Moscow United Electric Grid Company" (included in the GC "Rosseti") summed up the implementation of the repair program in 2017.

Within the framework of its implementation, in order to improve the reliability and quality of electricity supply indicators for consumers in the capital region of New Moscow and the Moscow Region, a set of measures was implemented in full.

According to the approved work schedules in the metropolitan region 1,333.2 km of overhead transmission lines with a voltage of 35-220 kV, 3,979.8 km with a voltage of 0.4-20 kV and 331.6 km of cable lines with a voltage of 0.4-220 kV were repaired. 415 power transformers, 2,817 transformer substations (1,456 in Moscow and 1,361 in the Moscow Region) were repaired (including urgent repair).

The clearing of the routes of 0.4-220 kV overhead lines from scrubs and trees on a total area of 3,973.2 hectares was also carried out, with the initial plan being 3,159.4 hectares.

"All repair work was carried out within the established deadlines and with high quality of performance", said Vsevolod Ivanov, First Deputy General Director and Chief Engineer of PJSC "MOESK". "Ensuring reliable, high-quality and uninterrupted power supply to consumers is what the staff's efforts will be directed to this year. The implementation of targeted programs aimed at the elimination of traumatic equipment will continue; increase of reliability of the distribution network 0.4-20 kV; replacement of electrical equipment that has been used for the normal operating life".