In order to improve the quality of electricity supply for residents of the metropolitan region, in 2017, the power engineers of PJSC "Moscow United Electric Grid Company" (part of the GC "Rosseti") replaced 1,538 km of ordinary bare wire with a more modern, reliable and robust self-supporting insulated wire (SIW). At the same time, the target program for replacing the bare wire on SIP-3 on overhead lines (OL) of 6-10 kV passing through forest areas has been fully implemented.

To date, all 4,995 km of 6-10 kV overhead lines running through the forest area and those located on the balance of MOESK have been reconstructed in a 100-percent volume.

In the Moscow region, according to the results of 2017, 1 345 km of SIW-3 was replaced with 6-10 kV overhead lines (OL), including 1,031 km passing through forest areas.

In the populated area in the Moscow suburbs with the 0.4 kV overhead transmission line in 2017, as well as 498 km of uninsulated wire were replaced with SIW -2. These works will be continued. Until the end of 2018, it is planned to replace 1,087 km of uninsulated wire with SIW-2,3 with 0.4-6-10 kV overhead line.

In Moscow, in 2017, 90 km of uninsulated wire on SIW-2 was replaced with 0.4 kV overhead line, and 103 km of uninsulated wire with SIW-3 on a 6-10 kV overhead line. In 2018, it is planned to replace 340 km of uninsulated wire with SIP-2,3 with the 0.4-6-10 kV overhead line.

"The implementation of the program for the replacement of uninsulated wire with a higher-cross-sectional SIW helps to solve the problem of energy saving and increasing energy efficiency by reducing the technical losses of electricity. It also promotes a significant reduction in the number of emergency outages due to adverse weather conditions: due to the fall of trees and branches on the wires, their breakage, and also reduces the amount of operating costs. This increases the reliability, quality and economy of power supply to consumers", commented Andrey Miridonov, director of the 0.4-20 kV network maintenance department of PJSC" MOESK ".