Since March 01 of current year one can familiarise oneself with draft investment program till 2019 and introduce propositions for its correction on web site of PJSC MOESK (member of Rosseti Group of Companies). This work allows significantly rising external transparency of investment program (IP) progress being conducted by the Company.

The draft is published in accordance with the Decree of Russian Government dated February 16, 2015 No. 132 “On Amending Individual Deeds of Russian Government Related to Approval of Investment Programs of Energy Engineering Industry Actors and Supervising their Implementation” in order to conduct public discussion and introducing propositions related to specific items of investment program.

One can familiarise with the PJSC MOESK investment program till 2019 behind this link.

For maximum user’s comfort in order to introduce proposals and comments it is sufficient just to click on button: “Introduce proposal on IP project” and fill in corresponding boxes in feedback form.

“Openness of MOESK when planning and implementing investment program, ensuring its external transparency are the priority fields of Company’s activities. It is important for us, that every interested person can obtain comprehensive information on planning and progress of any project included in the program,” commented Petr Sinyutin, General Director of PJSC MOESK.

Proposals on altering PJSC MOESK IP will be accepted between March 01 and 20. Later on, information on any considered proposals and their related alterations made in the investment program will be posted on Company’s site.

It should be emphasized that in order to enhance external transparency, ensure feedback and public discussion of MOESK IP basic parameters, during preceding two years public hearing related to the investment program has been initiated and successfully passed in Moscow City Parliament and Moscow Regional Parliament.