March 03, 2016 a sitting of PJSC MOESK (member of Rosseti Group of Companies) Board of Directors took place which decided to elect Petr Alekseyevich Sinyutin, General Director of the Company for another term (3 years) till February 04, 2019 inclusively.

Petr Sinyutin was born in 1962. He graduated from Chelyabinsk Polytechnical Institute with a degree in electric engineering, State Service Academy at Russian President with a degree in State and Municipal Management. Candidate of Technical Sciences, Doctor of Economics.

In 2007 he took post of First Deputy General Director, OJSC Mosenergosbyt, and headed the Company between August 2008 and April 2010 as the General Director, then, during over two years (till July 2012) he worked as Managing director – first Deputy General Director.

In July 2012 he headed OJCS MOESK (till February 2013 acting General Director, and then he was approved at General Director position).

He was awarded with honorary sign “For contribution in developing electrical grid industry” of I degree, honorary rank “Honorable energy engineer of Moscow”, honorary document of OJSC United Energy Sales Company, Sign of Moscow Region Governor “Appreciation”.