Novaya Moskva – PJSC MOESK branch (member of Rosseti Group of Companies) proceeds introducing domestic production solutions in trial operation. Overhead department personnel installed third generation isolators – polymer ones – on “Fetischevo – Schapovo” 110 kV high-voltage line.

Polymer isolators in contrast with glass and ceramic ones feature the most mechanical strength, high resistance to atmosphere contamination and grid overvoltages. They designed for isolating and fastening wires of overhead power lines and mounting buses on distributive appliances. Equipment service life is 25-30 years. Polymer isolator mass is considerably lower, therefore they are easy to install.

“Last year, on “Fetischevo – Schapovo” line vandals shot glass isolator string which resulted in shutdown of the line,” told Alexander Lavrinenko, Deputy director of substation and power line department in Novaya Moskva branch. “LKk 70/110-IV type installed isolators are manufactured using fiberglass plastic rod and they vandal-protected. In case of leak on protective sheath, they shall demonstrate resistance to acid corrosion of rod.”

Energy engineers expect that applying polymer isolators with enhanced specification shall allow increasing reliability of consumer power supply.

Results of trial operation during one year will ground decision on further introduction of new solution on Company’s power transmission lines.