PJSC MOESK (member of Rosseti Group of Companies) has implemented investment program fully according to results of 2015. All activities were carried out according to approved schedules.

Last year transformer capacity coming to 1,593 MVA was commissioned in the capital region, in MOESK responsibility area: 897 MVA at Moscow facilities and 695 MVA at Moscow Region facilities. Over 6,205 km of overhead lines of any voltage level was constructed and renovated: 1,825 km in Moscow and 4,381 in Moscow Region.

Key projects, having stage-wise commissioning, with respect to enhancing reliability of power supply and ensuring technical connection for new consumers are represented by renovation at substations: “Lomonosovo”, “Lyublino” 110 kV, “Tsentralnaya” 220 kV located in Moscow.

In addition to feeding centers, renovation on “Fili – Presnya 1, 2”, “Butyrki – Samarskaya B”, “Matveevskaya – Presnya 2”, “Kosino – Vykhino 1” 110 kV power transmission lines was completed, construction of “Avtozavodskaya – Yuzhnaya” 220 kV cable line was finished (Moscow). In Moscow Region “Radishevo – Klin Z and V” HV-110 kV was reconstructed.

Priority scope in 2015 for capital investment in the Company became new construction (61% in total amount of capital investment) aimed to eliminate existing deficit in power capacities and ensuring possibility to connect new consumers.

This year focus will also be on facilities essential for supporting reliable power supply in the capital region and connecting new consumers.

When preparing to World Football Championship-2018 special attention will be paid to energy facilities responsible for power supply to great sports stadiums, hotels and other infrastructure items.