“Strategic Initiative Agency for Promoting New Projects” Non-Commercial Company (hereinafter – the Agency) during the last four years implements a National entrepreneur initiative called for enhancing business environment in the country. First time in the modern history of Russia entrepreneurs worked on “road maps” (action plans for enhancing business climate in RF) in conjunction with public authorities and expert community.

Within the frame of this initiative Russian Government developed and approved 11 “road maps” which include specific legal and regulative documents compiled to facilitate running business in our country. Innovations touched scopes important for running business, including speeding up and reducing cost of grid connection procedures, legal entity and property right registration, construction, customs regulation, access to state company procurement etc.

In order to assess efficiency when implementing measures of “road maps”, Strategic initiative agency conducts all-Russian on-line poll related to estimating business environment in Russia.

Are adopted laws enforced in efficient manner? Whether the public authorities at the Federal and regional level act successfully in reducing number and cost of administrative procedures? Only an entrepreneur that encounters administrative barriers in his business every day is able to estimate to what extent it turned to run business easy and smoothly. The Agency invite entrepreneurs to take part in analysing effectiveness of measures taken to enhance investment climate.

Please fill in form at èíâåñòêëèìàò.ðô site.
Poll will last until March 15, 2016.

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