In 2015 PJSC MOESK (member of Rosseti Group of Companies) energy engineers constructed and renovated six high-voltage cable lines in the capital having total length about 30 km. Work was performed under investment program of grid company branch – Moscow High-Voltage Grids.

They include: construction of “Cogen-12 – Bersenevskaya, 2” 110 kV cable line (7 km) and “Avtozavodskaya – Yuzhnaya No. 5” 220 kV line (5 km) for consequent issuing power from “Avtozavodskaya” substation and improving power supply reliability in the Southern district of Moscow. In addition, “Fili – Presnya No. 2”, “Butyrki – Samarskaya, 2” and “Kosino – Vykhino, 1” 110 kV voltage overhead lines were reconstructed. And during large-scale reconstruction on “Matveevskaya – Presnya, 2nd circuit” 220 kV cable-airborn line (4.7 km long) energy engineers overcame such obstacles as the river Moscow beneath which underwater cable tunnel and subway line were constructed.

Environment friendly cable with isolation made of cross-linked polyethylene is applied in any project, secondary switching systems are assembled. Upon completion of work, energy engineers performed landscaping on site.

In order to implement overall development program for Moscow power grid, Moscow High-Voltage Grids, MOESK branch specialists operate in a close contact with the city authorities.

Thus, during the meeting of town-development on land-use commission of Moscow plans for renovating a number of power grid facilities were outlied, they include, for instance, “Fili – Khodynka”, “Cogen 16 – Khodynka” cable-airborne lines, and section of “Troparevo – Teply Stan No. 1, 2” 110 kV cable line.