We are glad to report, that March 23, 2016 at 12:00 joint project of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and PJSC MOESK will start – webinar related to power grid process connection (PC) issues.

First “Connect on-line!” webinar will take place having subject related to technical connection of small and medium business facilities.

Clients will be able to obtain expert on-line advice and clarification in legislation initiatives, effective legal and regulative statements, as well as options and interactive services of grid company in PC scope. In addition, the most typical cases will be explained for applicants having category between 15 and 150 kW, basing on questions received from consumers.

Participation in the webinar was confirmed by representatives of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation (P.N. Snikars), PJSC Rosseti (S.A. Semerikov) and PJSC MOESK (A.M. Pyatigor). MOESK branch studios will also chime in discussion, which client can visit personally this day. The webinar will be held within traditional MOESK Entrepreneur Days, last Wednesday of the month.

Event broadcasting will be commenced March 23 at 12:00 (Moscow time) at PJSC MOESK site. Please register in the webinar and ask questions using http://www.moesk.ru/press/webinar/

One can visit Entrepreneur Day personally and take part in the webinar also at addresses in PJSC MOESK branch:

  • Moscow Cable Networks (36 Sadovnicheskaya st., bldg. 1, Moscow),
  • Novaya Moskva (15 Solnechnaya st., Minzag community),
  • Northern Electrical Grids (2 Rustaveli st., Moscow),
  • Southern Electrical Grids (65 Kirova st., Podolsk),
  • Western Electrical Grids (15, 1812 goda st., Moscow),
  • Eastern Electrical Grids (13 Radchenko st., Noginsk).
Information by “Clear line” telephone: 8(800)700-40-70
Address a question to webinar experts – webinar@moesk.ru
Media accreditation: smi@moesk.ru, 8 (916) 400-88-77

“Connect on-line!” webinar agenda

1.Report of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation on legislation amendment and possibilities for SME. Target vision.5-10 minP.N. Snikars
2.“New services of MOESK related to PC for small and medium business” presentation5-10 minA.M. Pyatigor
3.Clarifying cases for the most frequent applications of SME consumers15 minP.N. Snikars
S.A. Semerikov
A.M. Pyatigor
4.Answering questions of participants in PJSC MOESK studios20-30 minBy membership
5.Discussion and answering any rest questions on places in studios30 minIn any studio
6.Coffee break15 minIn any studio