When implementing innovative development program for PJSC MOESK (member of Rosseti Group of Companies), in 2015 the Company obtained 4 patents for results of research and development activities.

A whole author team was involved in development of “Appliance for transformer automatic voltage adjustment” utility model. As a result, developed technical solution ensures increase in operation efficiency of transformer automatic voltage adjustment system, as well as quality improvement of electrical energy to be sent out to consumers. While a complete range of electrical grid parameters and technical possibility to adjust transformer voltage at load without disconnecting from electrical grid in automatic mode, and in distribution grid switching taps at voltage completely lacking on transformer is taken into consideration.

It is planned that the appliance for transformer automatic voltage adjustment will find its application at substations of power grids (35 ÷ 220) kV.

Nothing less important was developing setpoint calculation software for electrical grid transformer voltage automatic adjustment appliances.

The software is called for reducing setpoint calculation time for transformer voltage automatic adjustment at PJSC MOESK 1 substation up to 25 minutes, improving calculation accuracy and eliminating “human factor”.

Also, within the Russian national-wide program for developing charging infrastructure for electric-powered transport MOESK specialists performed research and development work having subject: “Developing infrastructure for public transport (electric buses) in Moscow”.

The work resulted in patents for public transport DC/AC charging devices obtained by energy engineers of the capital.

Technical solutions developed can be applied when building electric transport quick and ultra quick DC/AC charging facilities, including electric buses.