Light Line single-window call center of PJSC MOESK (Rosseti Group company) has received more than half million incoming calls since the beginning of 2015. Since January until October of the year, call center operators answered 513 thousand of the company customers’ questions, which is 37% increase vs. total calls for the year 2014.

The customers mostly inquired of the company’s power grid connection, including additional services. A part of calls dealt with power supply to consumers, progress of the power supply equipment renewal projects. Call center operators provide other support information, and redirect incoming calls to company’s employees.

While developing remote service, MOESK extended a range of communication channels in 2015. Today, in addition to Light Line telephone (8-800-700-40-70), a customer can leave a voice message, use Call Back service, send a text message or email to svetlayalinia@moesk.ru.

Customer’s personal area in utp.moesk.ru, MOESK specialized portal dealing with grid connection, also contains Q&A section. According to the company, number of such site clicks has also greatly increased.

Besides, autumn of the year saw launch of a separate Customer Forum, where customers can find answers to the most common and burning questions related to grid connection.

“Growing number of applications points to high transparency and demand for the company's services, – says Aleksandr Pyatigor, Deputy Director General for Grid Connection and Service Development, PJSC MOESK. – Alongside with processing great deal of incoming calls, number of outgoing contacts and customer notices was also increased. To a greater extent, this is connected with automatic information sharing capabilities both via Light Line telephone and by sending text or email messages to customers. I’d like to note that communication channels are extended and enhanced considering the extent they are demanded by MOESK customers. Due to well-developed system of remote services, customer communications have increased several times for the last two years”.