PJSC Moscow United Power Grid Company (Rosseti Group company) records electric power transmission loss reduction in the territory of the Moscow Region. By results of 9 first months of the current year, loss on MOESK grid amounted to 7.75% of the grid output (4,905.5 million kWh). This is 0.18 pp (138.1 million kWh) lower than for similar period of the last year.

For the three quarters 2015, loss on Moscow grid operated by MOESK amounted to 7.37 % of the grid output (2,423.6 million kWh). Loss recorded in Moscow was reduced for 223 million kWh vs. the similar period of 2014. This saving would be enough to supply power to Zhukovski, Moscow satellite town, throughout the year.

Electric power transmission loss reduction is high priority in MOESK operations. It allows not only to reduce costs of the grid company on loss compensation, but also improves quality of power supply to consumers though grid upgrade and active electricity theft combat.

Measures aimed to reduce loss are provided for by PJSC MOESK Programme of Energy Saving and Enhancing Energy Efficiency. The Programme includes organizational and technical measures, including, but not limited to, identifying off-the-meter power consumption, developing power metering and control devices, replacing overloaded and worn-out 35-220 kV transformers, increasing 35 – 220 kV lines transmission capacity etc.