To supply power to newly built facilities of Domodedovo International Airport, power engineers of Southern Electric Grids, subsidiary of PJSC MOESK (Rosseti Group company) provided 1.5 time increase to the total power of Vzlyetnaya 110 kV substation. Both 25 MVA power transformers were replaced with more powerful ones supporting 40 MVA.

Operations of installation and commissioning of 3 and 4 10 KV busbar sections were performed. With new home-produced equipment made by OOO NPF Techenergokomplex installed, we have managed to migrate a part of connections from sections 1 and 2 taking into account even load distribution.

As emphasized by Mikhail Ezhokin, CEO of Southern Electric Grids subsidiary, the entire set of measures aimed to upgrade Vzlyetnaya substation allows to enable high-quality and reliable power supply to new infrastructure facilities of Domodedovo Airport, and other socially important facilities of the Domodedovo urban district.