Moscow Cable Grids, subsidiary of Moscow United Power Grid Company (Rosseti Group company) has completed provision of additional power pursuant to the application submitted by Moscow Shalom Theatre.

Power engineers of Moscow Cable Grids have completed their part of work aimed to provide over 200 kW of additional power to Shalom, Jewish theatre, in strict compliance with the deadline specified in the contract. Under the contract, transformer substation was reconstructed and a new 0.4 KV cable line about 200 meters long was laid.

The theatre is currently being repaired, and it is supposed to restore its routine work only in two years, but as soon as construction preparedness is reached, power engineers will provide the contracted capacity under the grid connection contract.

Moscow Cable Grids have completed all operations in time and with high quality. Equipment has passed required tests and inspections and is ready to supply power. Due to the work performed by power engineers, the theatre will be able to open its doors to lovers of modern theatre art in good time.