PJSC MOESK (Rosseti Group company) completed migration from a foreign solution to the Russian service support management platform, Naumen Service Desk. Now, automation development and scales are not subject to risks related with fluctuations of foreign currency rates and economic sanctions. Due to the tasks deployed in the course of the project, the company has enhanced maturity of operating processes, achieved contractor management efficiency, and optimized support of over 90 bundled services.

Implementation of Naumen Service Desk allowed MOESK to resolve critical tasks that were difficult to solve on the previous ITSM platform, first of all, because of high cost of connection of contractors and control over their work, complicated customization according to business needs, expensive system operation and development.

Today, contractor companies also operate in a single environment built on Naumen Service Desk, with maximum transparency and high-quality control of business user service ensured on the basis of the platform.

“The project turned out to be really integrated: first, the regulatory component was developed and approved, then we implemented new approaches to work and contractor control. The results speak for themselves. Inquiry and service mechanisms implemented in Naumen Service Desk have helped ensure enhanced contractor control in what refers to reporting, performance evaluation etc. All this allowed enhance productivity, and return the project investment thrice just within a year”, – told Dmitriy Pshichenko, director of the Department of Development and Support of Corporate Automation Systems, PJSC MOESK.

“The project scope included operating level processes, as well as implementation of configuration and change management processes. Besides, we have managed to revise the service catalogue and template of service agreements and service contracts that account specific features of working with a great number of contractors to the maximum extent possible”, – Vsevolod Shadrin, project manager, NAUMEN shares his opinion of the results.

It is also planned to further develop automation scales that have global perspectives: in addition to implementing processes of the 2nd and 3rd stages, it is planned to integrate Rosseti Service Desk in order to achieve complete transparency and improve quality of centralized services. It is also planned to transform the User Support Center (USS) in what refers to IT services into the Single-Window Center (SWC) to resolve an issues across the company.